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VTOL Pictures

I don't have any in-flight pictures since I need both hands to control this thing, but here are a couple of shots to show what it looks like. It's built out of 1/4" plywood, which is easy to work with but heavy and brittle. After stabilizing this prototype, I will be building a fuselage out of depron and carbon fiber rods for flexibility and light weight. The wings will probably be depron over balsa ribs.
Thrust is phenomenal on the test stand using the SK400XT brushless motors and Todds Models 10x4.5 counter-rotating props. On the static thrust stand they generated over 20 oz of thrust each, so I just have to keep this aircraft under 4 lbs to hover. Its about 3 lbs ready to fly, right now.
In the vertical mode picture you can see the four wings on two shafts rotated up by the retract servo. Unfortunately the retract servo has only two positions so I can't do partial transistions. But that sucker holds those shafts in position tightly, which is all I need right now. All low current controls are on top of the fuselage, and high current controls are on the bottom, including retract servo and batteries for a lower CG. Most of the fuselage will hang below the tilt shafts. The CG is the big X on the blue tape, which is roughly in the middle but depends on battery placement.
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