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Gyros are not stabilizers as you would expect. A gyro will keep the last angle but will not level your aircraft.
The best solution I'm using for the last two years with my huge tandem heli is the FMA Co-Pilot FS8 (this includes a very good 8CH receiver) for roll and pitch axis and a standard gyro for the yaw axis.
The GWS PG-03 were tested with my helicopter and found to be very low quality and unstabilized especially with vibrating platform as in the case of nitro or gasolin engines. I use the Futaba 240 gyro for the yaw.

Using the Co-Pilot makes flying very easy and once you take your hand off the stick the aircraft immediattly levels in all axis in about 0.2 second, a child can fly it (with the attention of an adult as these toys can be dangerous...).

This setup works great with the TH-2, I'm using the TH-2 from it's begining (one of the first users) and it would be a very good solution for simple to use and sophisticated mixing you would dream of.
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