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I just tried the stock ESC with a Trinity 13x4 D4 motor with very good results. The specs printed on the can of this motor:

Trinity 13x4
RPM: 39,664
Power: 204.1W
Efficiency: 77.8%
Torque: 220Nmm

I had to reverse the motor per my other post.
I'm still at -35 degrees, which is probably too hot.

I'm using the stock 15T pinion, though I'm thinking I'll try 14T to see if I can drop the temperature a bit.

The JR ESC does run a lot hotter with the Trinity motor than stock, but not unduly so. I ended up installing the heat sync that came with my repaired JR ESC. I also installed the protection diode that came with the ESC. (Anyone know why the stock motor has 2 diodes?)

My 3 flights today were absolutely amazing. Lots of performance. Lots of head speed. Climbs a lot like my Concept 30 gasser!
I got 5:30 minutes of forward flight with a few aggressive climbs thrown in.

The down side is that the motor runs very hot (sorry I didn't take its temperature). It was way too hot to touch for a good 10 minutes after the flight. I had to wait a good half hour between flights for the batteries and motor to cool down.

Has anyone measured current draw of a stock Voyager without blades? I measured 12.6A at full throttle with the Trinity D4. I should have measured this with the stock motor for comparison (and maybe I still will)


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