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Originally Posted by taekwondo

Thanks for the information. You said 'Besure to disable the built in BEC before using an external power source.' how do you disable it, with a software programming code? Sounds like the bec/park bec methods are going to be complicated for me. I just ordered 2 3s1p batts which I can use in the 3s2p configuration and utilize these batts else where or if I can get it to work, then I will have a 4s1p configuration possible as well. Thanks for your help.

A parkBEC disables the ESC BEC automatically if you follow the installation instructions. It installs inline between the ESC and RX.

On 2s you almost certainly don't need a switching BEC. The heat generated by the linear BEC in your speed control is a function of the difference between the input and output voltage. On 2s, thats only going to be about 2V. On 3s, its about 5V difference, so 2.5X the heat. With 4s, its more like 8 volts, so 4X the heat.
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