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Thanks for the info. Based on what I read here briefly,

If you are using a speed controller with a built-in BEC, it will very likely have only a limited ability to supply power to your receive and servos without overheating, if you have a relatively high-voltage battery pack or have high servo loads. Consult the speed controller specifications to determine what the stated recommendations or limitations are. In general, if you are using a 4S Lithium pack, or more than a 12-cell Nickel based pack, you should consider using the UBER-BEC

The ubec would be the way to go if I decide on 4s1p. But really, in thinking about it, I should find out if it is at all possible to use the batts in a 2s2p configuration. They are Polyquest 12c 3100 mah, capable of about 36 amps draw each. If I'm not mistaken, this means 72 amps together in the 2s2p configuration. Do you have a link to pcalc or motor calc or some free software so I can check if this would work or do you know yourself?

The park bec said it wouldn't work on 2s so that's out. I flew this plane twice on the 3s2p configuration at 1/2 power with a friends batteries. If I used a 2s2p configuration, would I use a bigger prop? Thanks for your help in this matter.

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