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Ultra Light 3 Gram!!! Servos. You can do it!

Looking for alternative light servos (similar to the ultra light Westechnik 2.4's) that I could use in indoor models in the under 20" span and 4 ounce range, I decided to take two inexpensive HS-50 servos and perform some surgery.

I know this is nothing new, and we've all seen, from time to time, people doing similar things to lighten up existing components in order to make it work with smaller and lighter models. But I decided to go further and even lighten the tiny gears by drilling lightening holes in them also. What I ended up is a servo that weighs 3.0 grams !!!, this also takes into account that I had to replace the potentiometer and servo plug wires with much lighter ones.

Here is what my servos ended up looking at 3 grams. The photos show the servos prior to replacing the wires with lighter ones and covering them with scotch tape, but you'll get the idea.


I really believe GWS is capable of doing similar and better as a package with their exisiting Pico servos to cut down weight. Cost could be kept the same, but would sure love to see something lighter. Manufacturing would require some additional pins on the injection molds to create the lightening holes both in the gears and cases and perhaps offer the servo only without the PCB, Offer the PCB (One board ONLY) with the Micro Chip programmed to work with up to 4 or more servos, for instance. Perhaps marry the receiver with the servo motor drivers, all in one board, to minimize having dedicated boards to each servo, a good weight saving and perhaps manufacturing costs as well. An 8 wire flex thin copper cable with an ultra light connector similar to that used in todays computers devices like CD Roms would be ideal for lightness and this would connect direct to the brain module (Receiver with servo driver circuitry).

I wish I was in the manufacturing of servos, but since this requires machinery which I don't have, I am passing my wishes and peraps those of a thousand other people to the Servo manufacturers. I am addressing GWS directly because I know they listen to people and have grown fond of their direction with model products. They also make excellent stuff at reasonable prices.

I'd like to hear GWS commetns. Do we have some hope?
______________________ ______

Meantime, if you care to take the time and become a "plastic" surgeon for a couple hours, you can do as I've done. You don't need a drill press or similar, a sharp Exacto hobby knife works if you take your time and plan the lightening hole arrangement and start with small holes and enlarge them little by little.

Later on if I have some time, I will talk about how I modified the GWS servos and did away with all but 1 gear and How I am planning on using the elelments from a precision multiturn potentiometer to build the feedback control on the model itself.

Comments are welcome.

Mario I. Arguello
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