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CBA - Electric Power 20C 3S 1000 mAh.

Welcome to my world of never ending testing. Latest subject Electric Power
20C cont. 30C B. provide by XUSHobby,thanks Jun.

This pack according to my scales weighs 1.8 gram more than the X-Power 20C of the same capacity / size. The differences in size and weights between these two are to minor to matter except to perhaps the one half of one percent group. To me they both weigh 3 .25 oz.

Why mention another brand in this Thread ,well because most are more interested in comparisons than a single LiPoly Thread.As an example on 4-10 I posted X-Power Graphs and one has been download 52 times a day later I posted an overlay of that graph and a TP ProLite 1320 and that graph been downloade 192 times.

FYI : These 20C packs have a open voltage of only approx. 9.5 volts after such a CBA test. I am about ready to change CBA cutoff to 3.2 or 3.3 volts per cell. There is really no capacity difference and I am tired of seeing such low open volts.


Comparison Thread:

4-26-06 Added Graph which includes 10 & 11.5A Graph.


Even at 12Amps. (12C) constasnt discharge rate this battery was at just over 10 open volts at end of testing . There was not capacity left in the cells. This is way to deep to be discharging this battery on a regular basic in my opinion.

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