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Where did the vendor area go to, I have a grumble...

With Tower Hobbies, of all people. I ordered a battery, props, and a couple of servos tonight, no biggie, I've used them since the 80's. Usually I like them fine. Never had a problem before.

The e-mail order confirmation comes back and they've added on a $14.99 "membership" to their "savings club", which I never asked for.

That's the thing where they send you lots of voluntary promotional postal spam and let you peek at the scratch and dent area for bargains. I have never wanted that. I KNOW I un-checked at least one box during the order process trying to sucker me into that thing by suggesting it would get me free magazines, but they must have hidden another 'opt-out ' button on the web pages somewhere during my ordering process. If you don't see it and un-check it, you get billed the fourteen bucks.

That's just dirty pool. The proper way to do such things is called "opt-IN", where you have to actively find and check a box to ASK for something to be added. Not play some hide-and seek game to uncheck automatic frills. What's next, pushing undercoating for your RC-10 cars? tsk, tsk. I wrote them back that that charge better come off in 24 hours or I'm taking my business elsewhere. Thanks to sites like RCGroups, I can find dozens of places that want my business.

Has anyone else had this little extra charge added to your bill? What did you do about it? I'll let you know how this thing resolves. What were they thinking? I was planning a couple hundred bucks worth of orders this season, and they want to risk my ire by sticking me for $14? I will wait and see what transpires, and let you know.
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