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I've been using just regular spray paint. It works just fine after you have the main body done because the blucor skin will protect the foam and the tape protects the edges. As long as you don't go too crazy with it. Sometimes tape will pull off the paint that is stuck to other tape, but then you just tape over it again and you get good adhesion. I'm using packing tape for everything except the trim. I don't tape the whole wing like some instructions say, just the leading edge, trailing edge, one down the middle all the way around to hold the wings together, the wing tips and strips to hold on the elevons. I use the colored poly tape for trim.

I'm not too weight concious when I build mine and I still end up with a shade over 10.5 oz. I even add nose weight, the extra beef doesn't seem to affect it much. Still flies pretty slow when you want it to.

About the airfoil, the fold over the spar creates the current airfoil on mine. Seems to be adequate, and you're right it does show a little cracking. I havent' had any propogate or cause problems though. If you get some better results with a rib, let me know, I bet you can adjust the flight characteristics pretty easy that way, a little more float here or a little faster there....I haven't had any problems yet with a warm car. but I usually leave it in the trunk and I'm a little careful about days I know are going to be really hot. Colorado usuall doesn't get too hot.

Let me know how it turns out. You're gonna love it.
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