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Originally Posted by Gene Bond
My concern is the increased drag of the upper wing's ailerons causing the adverse yaw... I'm studying the effect and solution on a current design, right now. Don't know much yet, but I'm learning!
normally the yawing moment due to drag difference in consequence of asymmetric aileron deflection should not be so much of an issue on planes with short span. On sail planes, yes! The lever is much larger there.
If you have a symmetric profile and low AoAs, theoretically this yawing moment should be even zero. So I would not be worried too much about that for your current design.
However if it has a large span (w.r.t. the fin's lever) you may mix in some proverse rudder or if you have separate servos for each aileron do an "uneven" roll-command distribution (deflect the up-going aileron more than the down going), that's what we are doing in our "real world project" right now.
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