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try "silkspan" with your Acrylic primer formula. Silkspan is the tissue used for the old tissue and dopw finished Control line models. It comes in 3 weights, and possibly the light, more likely the medium would be what you want. I'm sure heavy would be too much.

Silkspan adds a lot of strength when doped onto balsa. It should do well for your purpose.

I have used silk cloth for a similar project, but it came out heavy. Might want to use it in high stress areas (or double layer the silkspan)

Silk plus yellow glue makes a lighter dihedral joint reinforcement than 2 oz fiberglass and epoxy. Silk is appx 10 times as strong as steel oz for oz. Fiberglass is not quite as strong as silk.

Epoxy doesn't really add as much strength as some people think... its ability to make up for less than perfect joints is where it shines. Just about any glue is stronger than the foam, balsa, spruce or plywood used in the models.

For a .40 size white styro wing I have used grocery bag paper and a mix of yellow glue and water then "primed with water based poly paint... stiff as if I'd used 2 oz fiberglass and epoxy but lighter. (probably not as strong as fiberglassing, but more than adequate for the airplane)

There's also "Towerkote" and Econokote... relatively light and low temp versions of Monokote. But I've never tried to apply them to GWS's foam. I tend to think the GWS foam wouldn't take as much heat as the white styro I've used them on. The temp for good shrinkage of these is getting close to the temp that causes white (beer cooler) styro to deform.
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