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Covering a foam plane? Glass it, iron-on, homebrew, silk??

I'm resurrecting my A-10 warthog ( ) with brushless and retracts. Even with CF rods and ribbon for reinforcement, I still want a stronger feel to it and better looks.

I wanted to cover the plane in CoverLite because it is strong and light. but the Coverite glue you apply to the balsa before applying the covering, eats foam like it's going out of style. So much for that idea.

So I was going to just use my tried and true method of 1 part Acrylic primer, 1 part white glue, 1 part water and 1 part Microbeads to fill the imperfections and leave me a nice smooth finish to paint. But this isn't going to add any strength.

I'm real hung up on some sort of covering. I've heard a few people mention covering a foam plane in tissue paper with 50/50 white glue/water as a sort of "Poor man's fiberglass".

Does anyone have a method of doing this? Does it add considerable strength for the amount of weight it adds?

Any other ideas?

I've used monokote on large balsa planes but I would imagine the high temperatures and shrinkage would wreck the plane. Is there other "foam safe" iron-on coverings that don't shrink as much and are lower heat?

Thanks alot.
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