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Successful flight with new config

Welp - Just got home after a quick test flight. Before I was using the flight batt to power the 200mw xmitter through a simple 7805 bare volt reg, and it was notorius for glitching the rcvr if too close (and would cause some limited audible glitching at altitude, regardless of it's proximity to the rcvr).

Tonight the flight battery ran the xmitter off an upgraded DE 5v fixed reg, and ran the camera off a DE 4.2v fixed reg, and ran the OSD board directly. It worked like a charm! I could see only the slightest interference (I mean barely perceivable), and I shot a few movies with the camera and it acted very cleanly. This was under all throttle settings, very clean video.

This way I only have one battery to think about, charge, swap, etc. And the DE reg's really cleaned things up, noise-wise (better than before).

Thanks for the input, fellas. I've just got to finalize everything in the fuse tonight and I'm back to AP work for the contest(s).

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