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It is sounding like (so far) that most ppl are using the sep lipo, for interference issues.

Here is the equip I have -

200mw bwav xmitter, 5v Dim Engr reg
Vizion OSD board, 6-13v input
Panasonic Lumix 8.4mp camera, 4.2v Dim Engr reg

Flight batt - 3Stp2100, secondary batt 2S1200 kokam

I have been running the xmitter (without the vizion) off of the flight battery for about 500 hours in the air without incident, tho under power I do get a little "shimmy" in my video downlink (but no dropouts). Since I've been shooting with power off, never bothered me. Now I'm doing some "loiter" missions and need to leave power on more.

My camera batt lasts for two flights, and take forever to charge. So I put in on a 4.2v reg and saved 15g, enough for the vizion OSD.

I have compared the setup with all three accessories (xmitter, OSD, cam) on 2S1200 (the OSD being driven directly w/o reg), versus everything off the flight battery. I get basically the same results as before - on sep bat it's perfect video, and on flight batt I get a little shimmy under throttle.

For the hassle of having to keep 2s1200's charged and swapped (they would last for 4-6 flights each), and having the 'extra weight,' I'm tempted to maiden with the OSD with everything off the flight batt.

BTW - The Vizion OSD worked exactly as indicated right out of the box, very clean instructions, very simple wiring.

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