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Thanks for your kind words about a wind gust being a factor in the crash on final of my BAE 146. The truth is the the loss of the BAE146 was pure pilot error!!! First I did not have a spotter with me; second I did not set a flight timer; and third my ego got in the way as I did not want to overshoot the runway.

The probem started with the fact that at full power the BAE146 pulls over 60 amps! With 20 matched cells, the knee is very sharp when the cells dump. On the last pass I did a climb to show that even late into the flight the BAE 146 could climb. However, at the top of the climb the batteries started to dump. Since I was at midfield I thought that I could go downwind and make a "god-like" approach instead of a forced short-field landing into the rough stuff at the end of the runway.

Instead of a show of skill, I made a smoking hole in the ground in front of everyone. I usually fly hotliners at 60+ amps and with these I can glide halfway to Canada and back when the batteries dump. Not so with the BAE146. The real shame is that the BAE flew like a 2 meter glider, albeit a Gentle Lady. I plainly just lost air speed and snapped it into the ground!.

It is rebuildable but I don't think I'll bother. I think there are some pictures and vidios at this site http//

I'd also like to thank Chuck Hill for organizing Sunday's fly-in. Despite the wind and my poor piloting skills (again!), I had a great time. Two trophies didn't hurt either.

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