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i didnt even get a chance to contest the ticket in court. the cop said my court date was today, when i got there, i wasnt on the list, and the lady behind the desk said the cop hadnt even entered the ticket into the system. i missed a day of work for nothing (not really complaining about that though). i really didnt want to run the risk of not paying the ticket, only to have it go through a couple days later, then get pulled over with a warrent out for me. the fact that the cop didnt even put it through the system yet is really bothers me, does that mean he's lazy, he forgot, or he didnt ever intend to actually process it in the first place? if its the latter of those three, i think i'll be making my own court date, considering that would be the 2nd time a cop has done that to me.

i drive a 2001 Volkswagen Golf GTi. its clean, no bumper stickers or anything, i've only put in a 60mm lowering kit, exhaust, and the tinting. there are two small stickers on the side windows that say the name of the place i bought it from, but other than that, it looks like almost every other GTi out there. i dont like flash or "bling bling" so i try to keep it low key, i'm not doing a very good job it seems. there's 2001 Jetta GTi around here, as well as a Corrado, both have tint darker than mine on all windows.

i also did all the good things, pulled as far off the road as possible, turned the hazards on, had the window down already, radio off, just waiting patiently. the cop was nice at first, but he became more irritated sounding as he was talking to me. i never gave out info that he didnt need, the info about who the car was listed under was all there on the card. why he asked about the insurance and how much i had paid back to my mom, well, that i just dont get. the cop that pulled me over for doing 100+ in a 70mph zone was a nicer guy, and he was going to take me to jail!

Originally Posted by robbie
i got pulled over the other day (my fault) and the cop was polite and businesslike while writing me the ticket (which i deserved).
the only potential problem was that while he was writing the ticket out, my daughter was leaning closer and closer to the officer. she later said she was only trying to find out if they really smell like bacon.
HA! feel fortunate she didnt ask the officer personally. from the mouths of babes....

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