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I put mine together last night after buying it for $70 at my local hobby shop.
The plane has several issues but for $70 you get what you get.
Issue #1 the cowling was cracked and had been torn off of the fire wall during shipping. My hobby shop did have a replacement cowl but sadly it didn't have the stickers on it. The engine cooling intakes were also off by about 5 degrees and the holes for the wood screws were drilled too far into the cowl to line up with the holes in the firewall. I found some red electrical tape and just taped it on to while also trying to match the stripes.
Issue #2 The wing slots, there are two slots that the leading edge of the wing slides into and you secure the trailing edge with a big plastic washer and hex bolt. Anyway one of the slots was higher then the other so I had to fix that by off setting the wing tab that slid into the slot.
Issue #3 A. The wing uses struts like the real plane but sadly they need some more work. The struts are secured by snaps like the mother of pearl snaps on your sweet western shirt. There is a snap on the fuselage on each side and the wing has snaps on it as well. On one side the snap was way too high on the fuselage and way too close on the wing. With the wing installed one tip was an inch higher then the other tip because of the bad snap placement. I easily removed the snap that is held in by a wood screw and placed them in the proper position so the wing would sit level. Issue #3B. The snaps would rather rip off the strut then come unsnapped. I removed the crappy glue that was supposed to secure the snaps and used some 30 minute epoxy to secure the snaps and they seem to be holding fine now. Also be very careful with snapping on the struts, it takes less force to smash the foam rather then snap the snap. Secure the fuselage snap first then the wing snap so you get the best angle with which to secure the snap.
Issue #4, the vertical stabilizer was tilted to the side by about 10 degrees. I force it back into position and now it's only sort of off.
Issue #5, the wheels weren't clearing the wing pants so I took them off. I hate wheel pants anyway; they only add extra weight and drag.

With the brushless 370 and the supplied gear box the plane pulls very hard with the supplied prop and a three cell. The plane is fragile to the touch but seems plenty strong for flight.

It's too windy to fly today but I'm sure it will be a fun/fast little plane that I can still fly off of the parking lot here at work. I did not mind doing all the extra work to make the plane flight worthy since it turned out great. E-Flight just needs to improve their packaging, make sure everything is straight, drill the holes in the right places, and figure out a better way to secure the struts. If you like solving problems then this is the plane for you. If you want a simpler 182 with as advertised assembly then just buy the $100 Park Flyer 182.
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