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Originally Posted by RAY GWS
More info about 2212/13T outrunner

- manual

That is cool, I can't wait for these motors to hit the shelves.


It's probably stuff that everyone here is going to know, but not everyone who might buy it is going to be here.

The "manual" is not instructions they are cautions as to not burn up the motor.

Almost nothing on safe operation (to the person operating) the motor, how to connect it to the ESC, how to mount it DD or GB, installing the pinion gear, how to replace a pinion, says what the KV value is but not what KV is e.g. "RPM per volts," recommended cells, max amp burst, continuous amp draw, warranty and non-warranty repairs, and how to contact GWS. Not everyone has a computer to look up prop and batt charts.

As stupid as it may sound it is a liability to GWS if someone catches fire or cuts off a finger because of inadequate instructions and safe operation. I have seen people get sued for more stupid things than that and win.

The other liability is not being precise and clear what will and will not damage the motor and anything connected to the motor.

For example, there is nothing about must use BL ESC @ XXamps.

To the average customer who might be looking at this. You really need to assume you are writing to someone who knows nothing about it.

RE 1. I can see that on the chart.

RE 2. most are not going to know what they are running at in terms of W.

RE 4. Doesn't make sense. Does that mean it gives off toxins and I need to use the motor in a well ventilated space?

RE 5. means it still should work thought, right? You need to pick an number and be definitive e. g. will permanently damage motor above X degrees. "It doesn't say I can't run it above 70 degrees."

RE 6. Is duplication of 2. to some degree, and it is not real clear. What is the point?
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