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Originally Posted by Tom Moody
Well, I'm glad to find someone that never makes mistakes.

I have 3 Triton chargers and 2 Astro 109s. I do not use the Tritons for LIPOs, I use the Astros for them.

The Triton is a very good multi-purpose charger but I have seen people that know very well how to use it mess up at the field and come close to having a disaster when they were distracted. But, thankfuly, the only thing that happened was they ruined some batteries.

That is what caused me to stop using my Triton chargers for my LIPO charging. I needed something bigger for some of my 4200 and 6000 mah packs anyway so I just charge all of my packs with the Astro. I may consider the TP charger someday just because of the link to their balancers.

At least with the PC if you mess up it has very little chance of burning your house down.
I'm certainly not perfect. I make mistakes just like everyone else.

All I'm saying is that I think it's foolish to buy a single chemistry charger for someone who needs to charge multi-chemistry batteries. Again, that's just my personal opinion. You cannot argue with safety so if someone wants or needs to do it for safety's sake than do it.

Heck, most of the problems I have read about have been from people selecting the wrong number of LiPo cells and not from people selecting the wrong program/chemistry (e.g. NiCd, NiMh) in a charger.
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