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Originally Posted by ehart
The PocketLader looks to be a great charger for all the reasons mentioned here. But comparing the cost of the PocketLader with the cost of the TP-1010 is really comparing apples and oranges.

The PocketLader is a 4 Amp, 60-watt charger. The TP 1010 is a 10 Amp, 210 watt charger. The PocketLader does 5 Cell LI batteries, the 1010 does 10 cells. With 3C charging about to become commonplace, that extra power will become useful even for 3, 4, and 5-cell packs.

These two chargers are really in two different categories. If you want to compare with Orbit products, the TP-1010C stacks against the Microlader, which sells for about $250 to $350 depending on version. Suddenly the TP-1010 doesn't look so expensive. ThunderPower is supposedly coming out with a smaller model (the 605) which will compete with the PocketLader.


A charger is a charger whether it's a 1010C or a PocketLader. We weren't comparing them per se (one versus the other), just highlighting the features we like in a particular charger. Certainly, if one needs the power/cell capacity of the 1010C then the PocketLader simply won't work.

If one needs the multi-chemistry features of the PocketLader and wants something with flashable firmware and isn't charging big packs then the PockLader might be a better choice. The PocketLader is about as small and compact as they come so it's great to take to the field.

Additionally, the PocketLader has flashable firmware. The Microlader line doesn't.

The PocketLader has a backlit display. I don't believe the 1010C does.

The PocketLader has a PC interface, the 1010C has some sort of interface, but it hasn't been implemented.
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