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Originally Posted by MichaelT1960
The TP-1010C would be much better if it was programmed to also charge Ni-Cds, Ni-MH, and Lead Acids.....especially for the high price of $200! I will wait and see if the price comes down once Thunder Power catches up with production and everyone is selling them. I would also like to see user upgradeable firmware like the new Orbit Pocketlader. I don't like the idea of buying a product and being a Beta Tester only to find the products firmware being upgraded and the end user being stuck. I waited to buy the TP-205 only to find out that now a newer version is available that works better with the TP-1010C.

My Orbit Microlader works well enough and charges all battery types.

I don't think the price will be coming down so don't get your hopes up.

The Orbit PocketLader really isn't new. It's been out for a year now. The firmware does keep getting better and includes new functionality with every release.

User upgradable firmware and multi-chemistry are great features and selling points.
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