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Originally Posted by flieslikeabeagl
Jeremy, I haven't heard all that much about you rushing through yours, either! What's the state of your TS-II at the moment?
It's on the bench in the garage, waiting for motors. I burnt up the stock speed 400s by using a 5x5 prop on them with an 8 cell pack. Bill Glover tells me that this setup will draw about 18A per motor. Ouch. I have a wattmeter now, and it won't happen again.

I ordered a couple of RCer 5 turn Warp 4 motors for my TS2:

They should give me a LOT more thrust than the stock motors did, with larger props, and not sacrifice too much top speed. (check out the data in the PDF link from that page) Not to mention that they won't waste too much power in the form of heat.

They should've arrived Friday evening, but UPS decided to skip my neighborhood, then claim online that they attempted delivery.

In other news, I just finished assembly & maiden of my EasyGlider Electric. It is VERY nice. I'm impressed, and may even become a sailplane guy as a result.

Not to bore anyone with details, but in the last few weeks, when I haven't been working or asleep, I've been too exhausted to do any building.
I was just giving you a friendly rib. I hope you didn't take it the wrong way. (hard to tell online sometimes)

flieslikeabeagl: for keeping it classy. I for one, read your data-filled posts with great interest since the beginning of this thread. I copied & pasted a lot of your text into Word files for later use.
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