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Hey now,
I dunno guys, brushed or brushless she'll fly well sure, but cheap can motors are cheap can motors. If Jurgen says they be at 70% for most of the flight I can't argue, I don't know the math. Still my cheapo BL motors run at 83% and my better ones run in the 90%s. So that's a difference in either power or run time, maybe enough for some of us to notice.

Jcosta? I'm sure you have your reasons for not liking GWS models, but I've had a couple and I didn't keep them close in ("within fifty feet") and they surely didn't hang on the prop through the flight. *I* wouldn't put up with that. (Up with that I would not put?) They can fly well. As I've said before my little Formosa flew just like my much larger Zen and most other current pattern models I've flown.

On the up side: I did manage to get everything preped on my TSII; soldered all the wiring, broke in the motors and timed them (nasty little pegs on the back plates, grrrr.), everything is sanded sommth and ready to glue up and paint. 'though I still don't have a clue about patterns or colours.

Yeah, I haven't gotten much done, we had a BIG LIFT day so I was out flying the U2, Flash II, and Millinium, even smacked some Zagis around for a bit. Gawds it feels good to catch some decent air.

How 'bout we just don't care about what the other guy is powering his TSII with and just build and fly them?
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