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Originally Posted by Treetop
So my point is, whatever is right for you (the collective you) is what is right. No need to sell the idea to others, as they will choose what is right for them. Opinions from all around seem to based on experience with only one set up. Arguing that one set up is better all around than another set up cannot be concluded without side by side analysis.

I agree with the first two sentences I have quoted.

However I must disagree about experience with only one setup, both Jürgen and I have extensive experience with brushed and brushless setups for several planes. I've even flown recently a TS2 that CAN hover. Take off was putting it vertical and going full throttle.
I've even flown a brushless EasyStar (and hated it).

The issue is not if one setup is better than the other. I am perfectly happy with the stock TS2 for the kind of flying I want from it, my friend who has the vertical take off TS2 is perfectly happy with his. I even enjoyed flying his plane, it was fun, if a bit hectic, but it is not what I want of a TS2, I have other planes for my epinefrine addiction.
But even this friend will tell you that the TS2 flies perfectly well stock, as that is how he flew his until he burned the two Permax 400s as he was using a 3S Lipo pack. It was a conscious decision he took of flying the stock setup until the motors burned off (about 3- 4 months) and then replace them with a hot brushless setup.

There is a big difference between discussing different options for different tastes or preaching that what both Jürgen and I know for a fact is not true.

I would accept Jürgen telling me that a plane would not fly with a given setup, as he is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable e-pilots in Europe and probably in the world.
I am much less experienced and a much worse pilot. However I can fly safely and reasonably well planes that range from an EasyStar to a 2.5m 50cc sailplane tugplane as well as top performance sailplanes being one of the top ten F3F pilots in Portugal. I own and fly both brushed and brushless planes. So I think I have enough experience to dismiss some theories as plain ignorance.

I would be perfectly happy if Flieslikeabeagle would state that he would be happy with his setup and that both Jürgen and I would be happy and have good performance with the stock setup. Unfortunately he is not even experienced enough to do that or to even know what reasonable performance is.
If he is happy with his setup's performance (which he is not, as he has not even tried it), that's fine, and I'm happy for him.
But I am happy with my setup and do not accept the constant nagging that it doesn't work, that it is inefficient, etc. from somebody who has not even tried it.

Now that unpleasant business is dealt with, have you decided to build your TS or buy and build a TS2?
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