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The seatbelts in your car are only needed during that critical second when you're involved in a collision. Does that mean its okay if they only half-work when you need them? beagle
Not that I want any part of this spat. But I think you dismiss Jurgens point about normal flying getting 70% efficiency too readily. Using WOT as a benchmark is not realistic, unless that is the type of flying you do. To each his own, as they say. A better analogy might be when driving your car at 50 mph, you get efficiency, and when putting the gas pedal to the floor for quick acceleration, the efficiency drops. Unless you are racing, normal driving requires little of the pedal to the floor driving.

Not to get too pointed either, is the inclusion of the cost of 480 motors in the cost analysis. The speed 400s can be used with the stock gunther props, or they can be geared.

One thing also ignored here is brushless on NIMH. For those like me who are Lipo scared.

So your set up is quite reasonable: $133

Stock, I can get a nice 30 amp ESC for brushed: $25, good for 30 amp with 40 amp surge:

Or a 40 amp kontronik:

gearboxes, MPJ planetary for $23 each:

So my point is, whatever is right for you (the collective you) is what is right. No need to sell the idea to others, as they will choose what is right for them. Opinions from all around seem to based on experience with only one set up. Arguing that one set up is better all around than another set up cannot be concluded without side by side analysis. Projections can be made and are. But one person may be happy with one set up and given another they may not like it for personal reasons.

So making the TSII a four engine plane, (seen this done with the TSI) or a tri motor or whatever is a matter of personal taste. Let's try and stop the bickering and stick to talking about flying and appreciate all the setups, even if we disagree with the efficiency or necessity. It just leads to further bad feelings.

Good night and good luck!

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