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Steve Witt
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On Fri, 10 Mar 2006, d. o. darnell wrote:

> NE1...
> I just got a call from a new guy who wants to teach his 10-year old to
> build and fly. He mentioned an Oly II kit from Whytes wings. Is this
> kit or short kit still available? Also. to get him hooked up to RCSE,
> Please tell me just ONE more time: How does one subscribe to the DIGEST
> version of RCSE? Thanks D.O. Darmell

No one answered this yet? Go to
<> and about mid-way down the
page is a link to the "digestified" version of RCSE. It says to send an
email to "" with "subscribe soaring digest" as
the first line in the message. Subject of the message is irrelevant.

RCSE-List facilities provided by Model Airplane News. Send "subscribe" and "unsubscribe" requests to Please note that subscribe and unsubscribe messages must be sent in text only format with MIME turned off. Email sent from web based email such as Hotmail and AOL are generally NOT in text format