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Originally Posted by spudandretti
One thing though, can you post a pic of you actually flying a plane? Ah, just kiddin
You know, that turned out to be a surprisingly hard request to fulfill. My wonderful wife has no real interest in RC flight, so I've not had many photo ops, and the guys at the field are too busy flying to ever bother with bringing a camera. However when I poked through the photos on my computer I found the attached picture. This was taken on Christmas day, 2004 (this is in southern California, so yes, we have green grass on Christmas day!). My wife and I spent the day with my in-laws, and I took along my E-Starter in case anyone wanted to see it fly. Some of the folks did, so we went to a nearby open field and I put on a little demo flight with the E-Starter. My wife took some pictures of the flight with our digital camera.

I expect the next thing I read will be someone speculating this pic is a Photoshop job. To which I reply: if I had photoshopped this pic, would I have left my bald spot so big?
Originally Posted by spudandretti
I hate when people have to upgrade things to brushless, I am always one to have to keep up with the Joneses, but it is my Birthday today, and the wife doesn't know what to get me
Happy Birthday!

I think we're right at the point where if you select carefully, there is no need to feel "brushless guilt" any more. With $20 brushless motors and $25 brushless ESC's out there, the brushless setup doesn't cost much more (in some cases less) than a brushed setup. Case in point, Jcosta spent $130 on his brushed setup with NiMH pack, while I spent $133 on my brushless/lipo setup.

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