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ESC Programming

Originally Posted by RAY GWS
Dear Early Bird Member,

We are pleased to present you the GWS New Product: GWS Outrunner Brushless Motor, Speed Controller and ESC Programming Card. As we did before, we now open to GWS Early Bird Member to order these products. Please check the link below for more product information.

If you are not a member or not familiar with Early Bird Program, please see the link below.

About Early Bird Program

To order these products: Please contact GWS Early Bird Program Manger We will check the shipping cost and email the information to you.

We appreciate the opportunity of doing business with you and welcome your comments & suggestions that allow us to further improve our operations or products. We will try to keep you updated about GWS product and information. If you are interested in this new product, please contact your GWS Early Bird Program Manger

Yours truly,

Ray, thanks for posting the ESC and programming card instruction sheets. I strongly suggest you have one of your early bird users with a command of the English language go through these instructions and edit them into understandable English... much has been lost in the translation. For example, I think you mean "Black Button", not "Black Bottom" And there is redundancy is wording which could be made simpler and easier to understand.

I can pretty much understand the DIP switch settings, but the use of the throttle stick to set anything makes no sense whatsoever! It sounds like the default settings can be re-set with the stick, but nothing else. If this is not the case, you need to explain it much better.

I'm also curious about the battery selection switches #2 and #3. They are described as needing to be both up or both down. What happens if one is up and the other is down? Someone will inevitably do this, either intentionally to see what happens or by mistake. This function has the potential to destroy a lipo pack and/or a plane if mis-set, so it needs to be as reliable as possible. If both switches need to be either up or down, why not use just one switch to do the job so the user is less like to make a mistake?

You might have an excellent product here, but poor instructions can frustrate potential buyers and discourage their trying one. From what I've seen, I'm in that category .... just trying to help...
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