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I finally attempted my first covering job - the wing on a GYM-E. I have to say, I found the SoLight pretty easy to work with and am thrilled with my results! It is far from perfect, but looks good to my eyes. Even when it folded on itself, I never had a problem seperating it without tearing, and it was even opaque, which is apparently tougher to seperate than the transparent. I just took my time and was as careful as possible while following the directions.

Maybe it seemed fairly easy because I have never worked with any other material and I was doing nothing complicated, but I like this stuff! Now I will finally move ahead and finish my Switchback...all this time I was holding off on covering, and it is really no big deal! *kicks self in butt*

Thanks for the tips Dreamer - especially the ones about cutting patterns using the glass. I was scratching my head trying to figure out how you guys were doing some of the fine details like that, but heck, I am thrilled just to be able to get a single color on at this point!
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