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Originally Posted by elfwreck
GWS planes; the Tiger Moth looks cute as a bug, but the one I flew bored me to tears, no glide, no aerobatics, no nuthin.
Oh, I wouldn't go quite that far. The 'Moth is no Formosa for sure, but it will loop, do stalls and tail-slides and wingovers, and if you pull the throttle down, hold full up elevator till it stalls, and then hold full rudder, it will spiral down in the slowest and daintiest spin you've ever seen. Technically it might be a spiral dive rather than a spin as it's hard to stall the wing of a 7-oz 'Moth. It looks pretty by either name.

Touch-n-goes were my favorite thing with my 'Moth, that and just watching it drift by like a large dragonfly.

My first GWS plane was an E-Starter. I flew it with the stock motor and gearbox and a 9x7 RS prop, run on a 2S lipo pack. It was my aileron trainer - I learned to use my left hand (Mode II) with it, also to do my first aileron rolls, fly inverted, do my first (ugly) Cuban eights, etc, etc. It required a freshly charged pack and a hefty dose of forward stick to fly inverted, but it would do inverted horizontal figure-eight circuits of the flying field all the same.

I flew my Formosa for so many hours I have completely lost count. It was a wonderful plane till I left mine in my car on a hot day, and it came out with the tail group rotated ten degrees and a fair bit of elliptical dihedral baked into the wing. It would still fly, but knife edge was a terrifying affair because of the cross-coupling from the twisted tail group, and inverted was no longer as much fun because of the dihedral. I gotta build myself another one one of these days.

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