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Originally Posted by elfwreck
Hey now,
Gawds you guys'll bicker over anything
I've flown a couple of easystars for other folks, just to trim them out.
One flew pretty well considering. Nice, gentle motor sailer with just enough power to putt around and more or less loop from level flight. Good enough to start learning on.
The other? It just didn't have any power. Barely flew at all with the motor on, only the shallowest of climb rates and no way would it loop. What was the difference? I dunno, they were both new and box stock and neither person advanced the timing or broke in the motor and both used new seven cell subC battery packs.
SubC packs in an EasyStar? NO!!!!!
You should have 2/3A packs - 180-200 grams for an 8 cell pack at the most. Otherwise it becomes a flying sow... A 7 cell SubC pack weights over 300 grams... And there are good odds the one that didn't fly well had a reversed prop. It still may fly, but at 1/3 the thrust it should have. Had a Combat Pico Jet I sold to a friend and he kept complaining it didn't fly. It turned out he had replaced the prop and hadn't reversed it... Then he sold it to a guy who installed a kontronik 480-33 and it disintegrated due to wing flutter (not the ailevon,the whole wing half was fluttering).
Anyway, I own one because I learned to fly with it and a Mini Piper, 2 years ago... Those were my first RC planes, very, very far from the Pike Brio I was winch launching this afternoon...

A U-2? So you also suffer from PNS... I'd love to buy one but shiping costs to Europe plus customs are appaling.
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