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Originally Posted by Aviation

Thank you for the review.

I am a little bit surprised to see that your opinion is totally different from fellow RC-Zoners (misfits, cracking wing struts).
As a personal remark, Brushless and Lipo are not ideal beginner's item (not only prise-wise).
I also felt that the speed of the aircraft in the video is pretty high for a parkflyer (high wingloading?). What are your experiences?


I really didn't have any problem with the wing struts. I haven't had a need to remove the wing much. The manual does state to be careful installing them to the fuselage, but I didn't run into and problems. I guess if you did have to remove the wing everytime to transport it, it could be a little tougher on the struts.

I see what you mean about the brushless and lipo for the beginner. I had read a bit and noted all the safety issues with the lipos. I have a Triton charger I've used for glow fuel batteries for a long time so didn't have any problem charging them safely. And I've got to admit they are expensive.

I tried to get video, but ran into problems with it being winter and trying to find a time to get someone to video the flights. The video does make the plane look like a rocket. But I found it flew really solid at low speeds and just floats in to land. It didn't fly like it was heavy. I may try as soon as the weather breaks to get more video.

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