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Hey now,
Gawds you guys'll bicker over anything
I've flown a couple of easystars for other folks, just to trim them out.
One flew pretty well considering. Nice, gentle motor sailer with just enough power to putt around and more or less loop from level flight. Good enough to start learning on.
The other? It just didn't have any power. Barely flew at all with the motor on, only the shallowest of climb rates and no way would it loop. What was the difference? I dunno, they were both new and box stock and neither person advanced the timing or broke in the motor and both used new seven cell subC battery packs.

I guess they're o.k., but I don't see any reason to own one.

GWS planes; the Tiger Moth looks cute as a bug, but the one I flew bored me to tears, no glide, no aerobatics, no nuthin.

I can't stand the slo-stick either, it's not even good for a trainer IMNSHO.
It flies too well on it's own, the newbie pilot doesn't learn anything. Why some advanced pilots fly them I'll never know.

Their warbirds look o.k., not very scale, but o.k.. They fly o.k. too, not great, but o.k. If you hop them up a bit they're better but still not my cuppa.

The Formosa on the other hand is a very nice little model. Box stock it flies alright, teaches you basic aerobatics and if you hop it up (yeah I know more buck$) it makes a very fine park sized pattern model. I had one for a couple of years and it flys almost exactly like my much larger Zen, not too bad for a hopped up foamie.

Oh yeah, the Formosa works pretty well as a sloper too, very nice light air glider and even takes ballast well for bigger lift days.
Speaking of big lift days, the March winds are picking up, I gotta get my U-2 out and wax her up. She needs big lift with her thirty oz per square foot wing loading and it looks like we'll get that kind of lift between the squalls saturday. She's also my fastest model, clocked at 175mph coming out of a dive (front side, I haven't the nerve to D.S. her yet). Of course my pop-n-drop landings are going to be horrid, I haven't done any since September, look out guys it's lawn dart time!
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