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Are you thinking of actually scooping up water, climbing, and then discharging the load?

If so, imagine carrying a 2 litre bottle of water onboard your plane, that's heavy to start with, then imaging dumping 2 litres of water at say 100 feet away, would you actually see it?

It's a nice thought, but like fitting proper engine sounds in a model, at our scale, everything has to be very close to see or hear anything.

I know some of the people who have modelled crop duster, have used talcum powder, but again not very visable.

You certainly would'nt want to fly that close that you douse yourself, (and transmitter), in water.

Every thing is possible, it's just are all the problems worth the effort and risk, (like hitting the water with a scoop down?), to the model.

The bigger the model, the greater the chance of success. Go for it if you really want to.
eflightray is online now Find More Posts by eflightray
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