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Just keep in mind that a big fancy mega dollar EDF will be the smallest and slowest jet on the line . Act like a beginner and bring or find a good spotter. Fly a pattern twice as big as you are used to, 20 or 30% faster than you are used to and you'll blend right in. For the smaller events throw a couple bungee launch or hand launchers in the car and only fly em when the big stuff ISN'T like early in the morning or late in the afternoon. If you are going to fly non-stop you are better off at an E-event.

As far as "turbine guys" go they are all over the map, the friendlier ones as a generalization seem to be the actual modelers. Lot's of non-modelers these days. I think a lot of the time the semi-hostility we perceive comes when we ask troublesome questions like "howdya do that?" If you paid 3 grand to get your jet painted you want to hear how wonderful she looks not what primer did you use
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