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Originally Posted by Hovertime
OK, can someone explain to me how can a camera be stabilized on 3 axis ?

As I understand it 2 axis vertical and horizontal stabilization allows the camera to be pointed at the object, and stay pointed and relatively stay still pointed at it while aircraft is moving.

Now the 3rd axis in space would be aircraft altitude no? I'm confused...
The three axis would be pitch, roll and yaw. I think that most of the guys in the AP forum use two axis gimbals, pitch and azimuth (yaw). IMHO you need the roll axis to be included to completely isolate the camera platform from the motions of the aircraft. Further thinking about it, the roll axis becomes less important the more off angle from the nose all the way to perpendicular then rising again toward the tail. If the video is being downlinked to a ground station computer, maybe the computer can simulate the roll axis.

Just more brain farts.
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