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This is going to be my "learn how to fly better" plane. It looks so good in the air that it inspired me to pick up a couple of books on aerobatics this weekend that I want to work my way through fiddling with plane setup and improving my flying.

I just looked at the battery mount and I think it would be pretty easy to add a strap to the roof to get the CG higher, of course it will move it back a little also so I'll have to experiment a bit.

What I've read so far leads me to think I have been setting up with too much throw, especially on ailerons. My goal on the last few planes has been to maximize aileron throw to get them to roll like a drill. Now I'm learning that pattern/aerobatic planes have recommended throws much less that are oriented more toward smooth and precise slow rolls, point rolls, etc. We'll see. I forgot to post earlier, but before the maiden, I redid the links between the top and bottom ailerons like Gene's and they move much nicer now.

I'm going to play with this one until I destroy it. If I haven't moved on to something else by then, I will build the next one from Depron or C-foam or something else with a harder, smoother surface. The peeled FFF is a little soft for my liking and doesn't take paint as well as I would like. I'll also reduce the counterbalance on the elevator by about half to make the elevator tips less fragile and increase the rudder area by moving the hinge line forward; probably somewhere between 1/2 to 1 inch.

Just like every other plane I've built, I'm learning a lot from this one.

BTW, I was listening this weekend to a test pilot friend of mine explain to a group of boys how a plane gets lift from it's airfoil shape. Like most such explanations I've heard from aeroengineers it implied that all the lift comes from the airfoil. It fails to explain symmetrical airfoils and flat plates. I just smiled thinking about how well my flat plate wings fly. Sometimes I think Bernoulli is overrated . Of course, a few percent improvement in lift or efficiency means a lot more in the military/commercial world where range is paramount.
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