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I did post in another thread the results of those first two (and so far only) sorties on the 1100s. Short version: over 10 minutes of FUN per charge - and the ability to go darn near straight up at first.

Yes - there is quite a performance boost, but the landing speeds are up with the increase in weight (2.2 ounces for the battery, and about another 1/2 ounce for the 18A controller vs. the 8 A that was in it before) so landings on thick grass are hard on the retract legs. The plane just stops and flips - there is no rollout.

The 10X7 may be a bit much here then - I'm practically at sea level - but I imagine the 10X4.7 won't be enough. I guess I'll just have to try 'em. Motocalc predicts 23 ounces of thrust at about 13.5A at full throttle. That will be pushing that little motor really hard and it's probably too much for those cells, but I also should be able to accelerate going straight up..... I will have to learn left thumb discipline even more than I have so far.....
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