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I keep trying different props. The latest is an APC 12x3.8. Looks better, sounds better, possibly flies better, not real sure. Static WOT 13-14A so a bit of a stretch for this motor. Actual flying is 90% at 1/2 throttle and it comes down barely warm. During one agressive flight of around 4 minutes the motor got warm, i.e. felt noticeably warm but I could hold my finger on it w/o any pain. I took off again and flew it at 1/2 throttle for 2-3 minutes and landed and it cooled off to barely warm. I think this is the right prop for my setup. I got three flights for a total of 9 minutes before the battery got too weak and forced me to bring it down. I'll check the mAh in during charging to see what the avg amp draw was.

The landing gear has taken some pretty heavy abuse and is holding up like a champ. I even smashed one of the heavy duty wheels I'm using and didn't hurt the gear. Lashing to the wing spar was definitely the way to go.
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