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Daemon, I saw the Jazz in your impresive hangar list in another thread, glad you replied.
Ive seen the DAW1-26 and yes, as an aileron version it looks cool. It was one Id been considering so now I guess it gets moved a bit up the dream list.
Re the Jazz CG, mine was set for 5mm forward of the recommended, and I think it was too far forward. I needed quite a few clicks of up trim today. I guess a down fall of my combi setup, setting batteries exactly the same positions etc but usually I set it up, get the CG right and leave it alone, I charge RX batt in wing. So if I have a battery ejection during landing (crashing) I could be messing it up. Im thinking of taking the pod off to lighten it, so I guess I just cut into the foam to mount the gear if I do that ? Then tape it over or make a coroplast hatch ?
I think, in reality the screwiness and unstable appearance I complain about is just me being petty. I think its just wings in general on a 20+knot gusty seaside slope. And yes it really gets up and grooves in higher winds. Had it out in 22+knots this afternoon, but had to share the smallish area with about 7 hangliders doing tandem joyrides from the lookout carpark, so couldnt really get to the high side of the slope at all to really get it going, and too far to my left goes over a road so not to keen on going to far that way. But loads of fun doing tight turns low down, just in front of me to stay out of their way for their takeoffs and landing approaches. Nice of them to let a newbie fly with them I thought :-) oh thats right I didnt tell them. I did one attempted loop but ended up crashing and bouncing into a park bench, 2 feet from parked cars. Decided to pack up then.
Ive been flying it powered, doing rolls and loops etc, but on the slope its a different kettle of fish hey. Didnt want to even attempt a roll today in front of the crowds. I was wishing for someone else to come fly, but as I said, slopers are far a few between around here. I know of about 6 or 8 guys spread around district, but in nearly 2 months of driving past some of the prime slopes, Ive met 2. Thats cool though really, because Ill have those sites to myself a lot, and they're on my way to work and back :-)
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