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My next plane should be ?

Im looking for some suggestions for my next plane.
Currently I have a Jazz by BUT it wasnt built by me. I bought it off a guy who'd put a Zagi400X motor pod on it. It flies just OK with a speed400 and 7cells. Ive also got a small RX battery to use it for pure slope. It weighs in about 150gr over the recomended build weight as a glider and consequently has difficulties with light wind, less than 20km/h. Where I fly is also predominately coastal slopes and when it gets windy, like today, it gets gusty. The gusts I dont mind but they kick the jazz around a heap, it gets very YAWry (if thats such a word). No problems it flies OK, I just dont like seeing it, it looks unstable and messy. There arent many slopers in my area so I have no one to compare it with or tell me its right or wrong. The CG is correct or just a tad forward of recommended.

Anyway, I would like something that will fly in light winds, something that looks like something real eg Spitfire or something thats maybe not scale but has a fuselage and looks pretty. I REALLY like the look of the KULBUTIN, but I thinks its way out of my league just yet, and well out of my current budget by about double plus some.

Suggestions anyone ?
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