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Lipo fire risks are way down the list of risks compared to..

Lipo fire risks are way down the list of risks compared to the well known other issues which freqently cause fires and crashes and these are

The wire loomining on most planes particularly from Boeing is prone to ignition and burn out due to its plastic coating is as special mix which is considerably more flammable than other types and for some weird reason the most flammable plastic coating for wires was licenced for planes and the safer types were banned
go figure

Every few weeks somewhere in the world a fire takes place on a plane from small milatary to large civialian types
and when the fire is put out the wiring loom is the source of the fire
every now and then the fire wipes out the plane in the air or on the ground

Certian cargos are always causing problems namely compressed gas bottles and the florida swamp crash was reputed to be LOX bottle fire

Lots of in flight cargo hold fires are stopped with modern detectors and fire extingushers and so small local fires from small cannisters hair sprays etc are often non events

Once the newwer lipos are available maybe 2008 -2010 which can tolerate total dischage to zero volts with no damage fire risks from lipos will reduce to nearly ZIP as inert lipo are low combustion material

What always worries most pilots is the middle east flying where the setting up of camping gas cookers by nomadic arabs to cook up thier tea pots while in flight is nearly impossible for the airlines to stop and that leads to a in flight fire on several occasions

One time it happened the pilot got the plane down but the fire fighting equipment wasnt allowed to go to rescue the plane as the local kings plane was preparing to take off and when the fire fighting equipment finaly arrived every body was fried dead and the pilots who had the nose wheel exit tried to rescue the hostesses who couldnt get the doors open from the paniking passengers pushing the doors shut

The South African (1987 nearly twenty years ago is nearly irrelevant )plane well in those times they often broke the arms sancions and carried illegal wheapons

This meant that if the early generation lithuim cells notorious for igniting caught fire their proximity to rocket fuel and probable rocket launchers and rockets was a sure fired recipe to crash

Lipos are soo far down the list that its not a big issue unless there starts to be a regular problem every few weeks and so far no signs of that

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