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I have to vote against it

I have an Astro 010. And I love it!!!! But I really belive that motor is meant for direct drive setups. If you want to swing a big prop, look at the mega series. 16/15/7 is what I have now. Price is really close to the astro setup, AND you don't need a gearbox for the Mega motor. I'm running a MiniLaser (very close to a switchback, but heavier!) and a 9x6 APC prop. Great perfomce, no gearbox.

I did run my Astro with a gearbox and was just not impressed But as soon as I built a direct drive plane for the astro I Loved it!

If you like the switchback 'style' of plane, I'd go with the Mega.
I've seen that motor for $69 (I think at NESAIL?) and the 18amp speed control was $49? So $120 verse whatever I paid for the Astro (I just can't remeber, but it was reaaaaal close) I think you'll be happier with the Mega.
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