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I maidened the Hyper-bipe this morning in the cold fog out in front of the house. The wind was calm and I couldn't wait any more. It flew great. As soon as I can get a video operator I'll post some video. If I built it again I would probably cut the rudder further forward for more rudder area. I also am getting some buzzing from the flying wires and need to put a dab of hot glue on them. I also think a larger prop might be better although this one moves it around o.k. I'll go through my box of props and see what else I have.

When I cut the power it just wants to float. For flying around, I have a little bit of up elevator trim. So, on final, when I cut power it pitches up slightly and just wants to float. If I knew better what I was doing, I would adjust the thrust angle a bit. I think it might need a little less down thrust. On the other hand, it rolls nicely, loops inside and outside well, tumbles great, and instantly goes back to stable flight (in any attitude) when I let go of the sticks. Inverted was easy with very little down pressure needed. If I hadn't put in some up trim for level flight it probably wouldn't need any down in inverted. I'll fly it some more before I decide to change thrust angles. It may just be a matter of getting used to it and backing out some of the trim. I'm no knife edge expert, but I was able to keep it in a knife edge circle until I got bored. However, it seemed like I could have used more rudder to horse it around at slow speed.
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