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Yet Another Brushless Switchback Thread

Sorry for the 146,793rd brushless Switchback thread, but I can't seem to find a definitive answer about running an Astroflight Mighty Micro 010 (16turn) w/GWS EPS-300C-B gearbox on eight 720 NiMHs in my SB.

I am now fully aware that this combo will NOT tear up the sky on eight NiMHs, but still being a beginner/intermediate, that is not necessarily something I want to do (yet ). If I can find a setup with this powerplant that will provide at least NO LESS thrust or speed than the stock setup, I wouldn't mind spending the money to get...

* motor longevity
* lower current draw (longer runtimes + easier on batteries)
* less electrical noise
* etc.

Is this possible? Anybody out there actually doing this?

Gearbox: GWS EPS-300C-B
Motor: stock
Pinion: stock
Prop: GWS 9x7
Batteries: 8 x 720NiMH

Gearbox: GWS EPS-300C-B
Motor: Astro Flight Might Micro 010 (16turn)
Pinion: ??? (need help here)
Prop: ??? (need help here)
Batteries: 8 x 720NiMH

Again, I realize there are other setups that will give more thrust and speed, but I would be satisfied with thrust/speed performance similar to stock if I can reap the other benefits brushless systems provide.

Thanks in advance!
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