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LRK is 3 guys initials who invented that type of motor. I think it was originally for electric vehicles (much larger of course) and they were trying to eliminate cogging.

Classic LRK only has 6 out of 12 teeth wound. Distributed LRK takes half the windings eg. from tooth one and puts them on tooth 2 CCW (if tooth one was CW).

If you look here:
at the 12 slot/10 pole and 14 pole combinations he lists distributed and classic LRK winding schemes.
Look here at "Electric Motors" parts 1-5, he discusses LRK in part 3 but it's all good info.

Good Luck!

BTW, your calculations on copper density have nothing to do with Kv. The density affects efficiency, but Kv is dependant mainly on the # of turns. See my post here:

Your motor, OTOH, with 30 turns may not be too useful (it might be OK on 4-5S) but it was good practice. Super low Kv motors, unless run at high voltage are only efficient at very low currents.
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