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To buy or not to buy...


the way I see it is if you're looking for the most bang for your buck during this early learning stage, then perhaps you ought to concentrate on finding a good deal not so much which 60" moldie to buy. Any of these models mentioned would do just fine for you at this stage in your development as you're not going to really notice the difference, so why not concentrate on getting one that's used or slightly damaged for a deal so you can get the stick time and not feel too bad about damaging it. For example, I just picked up on Ebay a practically new Mini Nyx ready to fly with all the radio gear installed for $240. I think this was one of Tom's (F3X) planes originally which got sold to this guy on Ebay. The catch is the guy had less than an hour flight time on it. Upon coming in for his second landing he skidded along the well manicured park lawn and kissed a tree. It took out a 3'' radius notch in one of the leading edges. Other than that, the plane looks like new. That's an easy fix for me as I've done tons of composite work on custom autos, defense aerospace R&D and RC models. So what would have cost me around $600 to set this plane up with all the retail components it came with cost me less than half of that and a little work.

There was another one, a Jaro Muller Mini Ellipse ready to fly that went for $210 and change just yesterday on Ebay. This one was a few years old and had nothing wrong with it except for a slight scrape on the underside of the wing and a very small chip missing from the wing saddle, but other than that it was very clean as the previous owner told me he always landed it on grass. I would have scooped that one up also but wasn't home to bid.

You can analyze your choice to death but in the end it's not going to make much of a diffence as this is your second plane. It may survive, but then again you may stuff it and I'd rather stuff a $200 dollar plane than a $500 - $600 one when I'm still learning.

Just my lousy .02 cents as usual


-who's stuffed planes with the best of them!
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