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Building isnt a problem at all. I love the building part and would rather buy a box of supplies and plans and go nuts than anything else. I wish they moldies were more in kit form. My complaint about glassing the tail, etc. werent based on the fact that I didnt want to have to build, but more on the fact that I would be paying more for the plane than one that doesnt need any additional work. Building costs money. I just dont really understand why the prodij is more expensive than a destiny, V2, or mach dart, but isnt finished as well. I guess it's all in the performance and durability then.

Just so I am understanding correctly, the prodij will fly in lighter lift than a destiny, is that correct? Yet it will still retain energy and fly very fast in BIG air. It sounds like it has the benefits of both the dart and destiny in one package, which makes it a very possible option then, especially if I can find one secondhand as $320 is more than I want to spend on jus the airframe. And add a few more bucks to glass the tail and paint and what not. It adds up quickly. Thanks for the input Tom.
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