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Let the covering (cowering?) begin!

Got fuse and tailfeathers covered. White is Stevens Aerofilm. Pink is Sig AeroKote. I used the Sig because I ordered the wrong pink (he even told me it was flourescent) from Stevens. Should have ordered 'heather'. Covered the top first and the bottom last so I could keep all pink on the bottom. When's the last time you saw the bottom of a cow? Aerokote says adhesive activates at 200, shrink begins at 210 and max shrinkage is at 250. Well I can say that the shrink part is about right but according to my iron, it sticks well at ~275. At 200-220 it barely does anything. Even stuck down at 275 it doesn't take much wood with it when you peel it off. I don't think I'll be buying any more. But I will use this up. I'm too cheap not to.
I used CA hinges on the rudder. Should have used pinned. It only moves about 35-37deg according to Zack's gauge. And it is pretty stiff compared to the elevator. So I went whole hog on the ele and used GP pinned hinges. Gorilla'ed them in and you see the results. 45deg each way easy.
Made control horns from 1/16 ply and sank them fully into each surface. Rudder has a 1/16 ply plate on side opposite the control horn. Elevator halves are built per plan with 1/16 on each side. Joiner is a piece of 5/32 same as gear wire. I'm surprised I bent it the right size the first time. I found some discarded arf pushrod tubes for the joiner to slip into. No metal to metal. Still 4lb for fusalage complete except esc and bec. Same as before due to lightening cowl.
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