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Ive used toner before, and i find that thats always given me problems. Toner ALWAYS gave me pits, even with PCB extraction from the etchant just seconds after completion of the board. I think its a matter of how toner is just made of dust particles that are melted onto paper, So when you heat it up with an iron to transfer the toner becomes a sticky compound again, but when you pull off the paper the toner forms peaks and troughs, like what happens if you have grease between two surfaces and you pull them apart.

I find that pens give me better results, BUT you will need to draw the line and then "dot" the line over again to make the ink really thick. Its really tedious but most of the time is pretty good.

My amplifier board has alot of pits in the tracks, which is really annoying, and is a result of the thinning ink allowing etchant to come into contact with the copper.

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